Immediate tasks you can start working on, in order of priority, are:

Title Description

Test in various JSR-168-compliant containers

We need deployment descriptors (configuration files) shipped in the distro, for LifeRay, GridSphere and Pluto and possibly others (what others?). This way people could use Kosmos out-of-the-box by editing the default deployment descriptors. DONE.

Implement load test

To make sure that Kosmos can handle large amount of simultaneous requests. My initial idea is to use JMeter for this, but I'm open for other suggestions (other tool?).

Implement stress test

To make sure that Kosmos can handle super-heavy monitored resources, e.g. hure SVN repositories or CC logfiles. My initial idea is to develop a separate JUnit testcase for this, but I'm open for other suggestions (TestNG maybe?).

Write unit tests for the *ServiceImpl classes

The services are implemented as container-independent POJOs, so this should be a relatively enjoyable task. DONE.

Write unit tests for other "helper" classes

No comment.


We need translations, especially for cn, de, es, fr and jp.
Just grab the 4 * and the single files (English) from the source code repository, translate them and send them back to us. For some minimal testing, please check if the portlets come up with your new translation after changing the locale setting (see the "I18n" section in the Manual for how to change it). As these files are stored in their native encoding in the repository, don't forget to tell us what encoding to use when converting them with native2ascii.
The translation doesn't require more than one hour of work on your side and requires zero programming skills.

Implement CruiseControl timestamp localization

The current CC logs contains the timestamp as "11 minutes 32 seconds", which can't be parsed and translated to other languages. Instead, it could be a plain millisecond value or a parseable string like "11:32". Send a request to the CC team first for a new (or modified?) property.

If you want to take care of one or more of the items listed here, please contact the project leader at aron dot gombas at midori dot hu. Then a new JIRA issue will be created and will be assigned to you.

Please check out the Roadmap page, your ideas might already be listed there.

Other kind of support

If you can't contribute time, but would like to reward our open source efforts, please consider the following: