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The following individuals and organizations use Kosmos in one way or another:

Name Usage

JBoss Labs is an infrastructure designed to be a hosting platform for general purpose open souce projects.

The JBoss Labs Development Dashboard monitors the JEMS projects, JBoss Labs projects and Community Labs projects using a subset of the Kosmos portlets. Their custom-developed JEMS Status Matrix is partly backed by Kosmos services.

"Eat Your Own Dog Food."
Midori is using the Kosmos portlets to monitor the Kosmos project development and some other internal initiatives.

Project Team

The following people have contributed to Kosmos through the way of code, suggestions, patches or documentation:

Name Email Organization TZ Offset Role
Neal Cowles cowles dot neal [nospam] at gmail dot com -6 Liferay expert, Technical (re)writer
Midori Doi N / A +9 Japanese translator (ja)
Craig Doremus cdoremus [nospam] at apache dot org -5 Pluto expert
Aron Gombas aron dot gombas [nospam] at midori dot hu +1 Project lead, Developer, Hungarian translator (hu)
Werner Keil info [nospam] at catmedia dot us 0 German translator (de)
Cedric Mailleux cedric dot mailleux [nospam] at jahia dot com +1 Jahia expert, Patches
Johan Moreau johan dot moreau [nospam] at laposte dot net +1 French translator (fr)
Jason Novotny novotny [nospam] at aei dot mpg dot de -8 Gridsphere expert
Adam Warski adam dot warski [nospam] at jboss dot org +1 Developer, Polish translator (pl)