Release Goal


Support for CruiseControl, JIRA, SourceForge and Subversion. DONE.


Localized versions: de, en, hu, jp. DONE.


Configurable display parameters: date-formats, warning limit values and such. Customizable tables: show and hide for each column. Auto-refresh for portlets. Other lower-level configuration settings for server component in a Spring applicationContext.xml.


Automated stress test.


Deploy and test with the most popular portlet containers like GridSphere, Liferay, Pluto, etc.


Reach full unit-test coverage.


Production-stable release.


Replace Hessian with a SOAP-based protocol for better interoperability (maybe Xfire?).

If you have further requests, ideas or suggestions and you can't find them either in the "Roadmap" and in "Future Ideas", please post them to the Forums. Our primary goal is to develop what the community needs, and we don't know which is the right direction unless you help us.

Future Ideas

These are not decided yet (thus don't appear in the roadmap), but some ideas to consider if there is a demand:

Idea Description

Serverless "microkosmos" edition

For limited environments, a new set of portlets could be developed. These would take care of everything now handled by the server component: they would do the data handling, no caching would be available, etc. It'd be definitely much lower in performance, but could be still useful in simple environments. NOT NEEDED.

CVS monitoring portlet

CVS is still widely used and will be for a while.
Using the Netbeans lib, a similar portlet like the current SVN could be developed. Maybe it makes sense to refactor the common parts to a VersionControlMonitoringPortlet and a VersionControlService class?

JSF/AJAX combo in the view-tier

It might be a good idea to replace the current JSP solution if it results in a richer, more interactive or better performance UI.

New SVN statistics

Largest commit: no-of-files per commit
Author activity: mark commits with a dot over the project timeline

Advanced caching

Use JBoss Cache instead of the current trivial implementation, support persistence. DONE WITH EHCACHE.

Scheduled indirect updates

Fire periodic auto-updates using Quartz. DONE.

File-release monitoring for other open source "forges"

Like for OpenSimphony or Tigris.
It might make sense to factor out common features to a FileReleaseMonitoringPortlet and a related abstract service class.

Using Spring in the portlets

If the related parts of Spring reach a mature state and the portlets get more complicated, their architecture will be changed to Spring fashion.

Bugzilla monitoring portlet

It is still one of most popular issue trackers?!

Generating JIRA reports

Show recently added, recently resolved and such.

Showing modification details for CruiseControl

If it's available in the log XML, parse it and show it in an expandable table.